Frequently Asked Questions

About the Program

What Research areas are available?

The REU program is comprised of bio-inspired, multi-disciplinary research projects in the STEM areas including Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Biological Sciences. Projects are focused on addressing needs within the community. Check out the available projects and information on faculty mentors.

Are there opportunities to present our research?

Yes! You present at least two times during the summer: one oral presentation midway through the program and one summer-end poster presentation. You may also be asked to present at your mentor’s research group meetings. Students may also be able to present at their home institution. Ask your mentor about other presentation opportunities.

How are students matched with faculty/projects?

During the application process, you are asked to rank the current projects in order of preference. Your preferences are taken into consideration during the selection process. You can also describe your interest in the projects in your application.

How is the program funded?

The project is funded by the National Science Foundation.

About the Application Process

Can I apply if I am going to a community college?

Yes, we encourage students attending a community college to apply. Students must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program (i.e. high school students participating in early college or dual enrollment are not eligible).

What do I need to do to apply?

You need to complete the online application form, have two faculty members submit letters of recommendation, and submit your unofficial transcripts by email.

What are your requirements to be accepted?

You must be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident and you must be enrolled in an undergraduate degree program in the fall after the program. With that said, the program is competitive. We select a group of students with strong potential to do well in the program and whose research interests match those of the projects.

Can I apply if I am an international student with an F1 student visa?


Can I apply if I am a graduate student?


Can I apply if I have just been accepted to an undergraduate program?

Yes. You must be enrolled in an undergraduate degree program for Fall 2023. Please send your acceptance letter by email as a part of the application.

What majors are eligible for the program?

We welcome applications from all students majoring in STEM fields

When will I find out if I am accepted?

For the Summer 2023 program, you will be notified of acceptance during late April or early May.

How do I submit my application materials?

You must complete the online application and then email your transcripts to Techscene@mtu.edu.

How do I submit my letters of recommendation?

Each person providing you a recommendation letter will be send a link to fill out the recommendation from.

How many students are accepted into the program?

We typically accept 12 students


Can I post about the REU in my social media site?

Yes! You are encouraged to post about the REU program and your own involvement in research. Be respectful and considerate about the content you post. Information you post should be in your capacity as a participant and not as a member of MTU or KBIC. You will be expected to adhere to the MTU and KBIC ethics policies while using REU content.

Do I need to participate in social media posts?

No! While you are encouraged and you may be requested to participate in the REU social media posts. However, your acceptance and continued enrollment is not dependent on your decision.

About Living in Houghton

Where will I live during the program?

All students are provided housing in one of the student dorms on campus. You will need to bring linens, towels, and a few dishes and utensils. Both ethernet and wireless internet are available.

Do I have to live in the dorm?

Yes. We want all students to live together to build a strong community. Even if you are local to the Houghton area, you must live in the dorm

How will I get to Houghton?

You will be provided a travel allowance of $400 to travel to Houghton. If you will fly, the nearest airport is Houghton County Memorial Airport(CMX). Someone from the program will pick you up from the airport. If you drive, someone from the program will be in touch with you to meet you on campus.

Things to do in the Summer?


Quincy Mines


Have questions? Email: techscene@mtu.edu or Call: (906)-487-3230